Shoes to Pair with the Flare


Emily Brown, Her Denim USA Team

As flares are creeping their way back into style you might be wondering, “what shoes go with those again?” With so much volume at the bottom of the leg they can be tricky, but there are definitely various shoes you’ll have no problem rocking with the HerDenim Genoveve Flare Lights. 


One rule that almost always stands is that you can never go wrong by adding a sleek stiletto pump. These heels give an extra edge and sexiness to any outfit as well as adding a good bit of height of course. The color of shoe to choose can depend on the wash or color of your flares. With a more classic denim wash you can virtually choose any color, but you can never go wrong with a classic black.


If you want to really bring out the 70’s inspiration that the flare emulates go full force by adding a chunky heel, bootie or platform heeled sandal in a neutral tone. Bonus points if they are cork or wooden. These shoes can add a little fun to your outfit while also making your legs look even longer than the flares already make them look! 


It’s important to have an option for the colder months too and ankle boots are a great one. These also look great in earthy neutral tones or even a rich jewel tone in order to add a little pop of color! Ankle boots are perfect for when your flares might even just be a tad bit too short to add a high heel, but you still want a bit of height. The length can even help to show off the cute boots more!


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