A minority + female owned business was started with the purpose to offer high quality denim for women sizes 0-18. Made of organic cotton, designed in the USA. Profits donated to organizations working to close the wage gap for women and minorities in the United States.

  • Mission & Vision

    After 15 years developing fashion brands and clothing lines for contemporary, couture and fast fashion brands around the USA, the team at HER Denim, LLC came together as minorities and women with the vision to elevate the standards of quality of every day essentials. Learning what it takes to create high quality textiles made of organic yarns, minimal water waste and reusable scraps of their development, HER Denim, LLC was born. It's more than fashion and trends; its a responsibility to our customers to create great product and help close the wage gap for women and minorities in the USA with 5% of profits donated annually to organizations with the same vision.

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