Ethical Denim: The Trend For the Future

Ethical Denim: The Trend For the Future

There's no better wardrobe staple than a great pair of jeans but often they come at a cost more than just the numbers on the price tag. So, here’s what you should consider next time you're shopping for a new pair of jeans. 


It can take up to 1800 gallons just to produce the cotton used to create the denim in one single pair of jeans. This does not include the water pollution that can occur from chemicals and dyes used to complete the product. Consequently, these large volumes of water required can even cause a water crisis in countries like Pakistan where a large amount of cotton is produced. To combat this, ethical denim companies can opt for using recycled water instead of fresh which will result in significantly less water waste. 


Obviously, for denim to be made ethically the workers must be paid ethically as well. Also, something that might often be forgotten when thinking of ethically produced denim is that many steps in the denim production process can pose high danger for the workers involved such as the use of many different chemicals, dyes and pesticides. It is important that ethical denim companies provide their laborers with the protective equipment they need to ensure their safety. 


Recycling has two roads when it comes to denim. You can either recycle old denim or make new things or recycle old things to make new denim! Specifically, some brands are taking the initiative to collect their customers old, unsalvageable jeans and turn them into other useful things such as hats, jumpers and even insulation. On the other hand, brands are also finding new innovative ways to take old denim and make it into new, fresh pairs of jeans or even using other materials such as plastic bottles. 


Do your research and don't be fooled with a “mask” of false ethical practices. Some companies will try to portray themselves to the naive consumer as being a “green” company by starting initiatives such as jean donation. In return for donating a pair of their old jeans the customer will receive some type of compensation or reward usually in the form of a discount in order to buy another pair of jeans. In reality ideas like this usually cause more harm than good by causing people to continue the cycle of supporting unethical denim by buying a new pair with their discount from the store. In addition, many companies do not always recycle the denim properly like the options mentioned before and it will end up becoming waste.


Ethical denim should be well made and stand the test of time. If your jeans fall apart or lose their fit quickly it will cause you to have to purchase new pairs more frequently. Not only will this cost you more money in the long run but it will also produce more textile waste which does not make the denim sustainable.


You shouldn’t have to sacrifice style or fit in order to support ethical denim. Your jeans should still feel, fit and look great. So, take the time to do your research and find a brand who not only makes you fall in love with their products, but their values. 


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